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Aeroshell Turbine Oils
Aeroshell Turbine Oils
Aeroshell Turbine Oils
Aeroshell Turbine Oils
Aeroshell Turbine Oils

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Specification of Aeroshell Turbine Oils

Aeroshell Turbine Oil 560 (560 ASTO) .

is the third generation synthetic five-ester lubricants stifles Centistoke, designed to provide commercial and performance benefits such as reducing coke and increase resilience to wear for modern jet engines. Formulated to cope with the demanding operating conditions, ASTO 560 has consistently delivered the right balance of performance and efisi

ensi costs for global aviation industry during the last 25 years.

Features and benefits , ASTO 560 was developed based on a deep understanding of the requirements of commercial aviation. The result is a versatile lube oil proven to give the engine a cleaner, more reliable operational performance and a longer maintenance cycle.

Aeroshell Turbine Engine O

Il 555.

Aeroshell Turbine Oil 555 is an advanced 5 mm2/s synthetic ester oil hamper combines a balanced mixture of additives to improve thermal and oxidation stability and improve load recorded base oil.

Aeroshell Turbine Oil 500 .

is a synthetic ester oils inhibit Centistoke 5 combines the additive for membant